”Marianne is a phenomenal teacher – she will challenge you to be your best, but will also split your sides with her unexpected and much-needed humour! She is fluent at teaching and performing in many genres, languages, and styles and will open your eyes to more than you thought possible about yourself. More importantly, she is one of the most fair, humble, and warm human beings with a voice of rare power and beauty which she continues to hone meticulously. Each of her students sound totally and utterly, fully themselves which is a testament to the solid vocal and artistic freedom she helps students unlock. Since meeting her, I have met and far exceeded my expectations for myself as an artist and singer and she continues to be one of my most important mentors and champions. We need more Mariannes in the world and I only wish I had met her sooner in my vocal journey!”

Mike Fan, graduate student (undergrad completed at Wilfrid Laurier University) at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec.

“Marianne is truly a master teacher and fierce singer-actress. I am so honored to have her as a mentor and very thankful that I am able to study with her remotely from the States!

On a more personal note, I have been truly able to put all of my trust in this teacher and felt safe to explore the strength and flexibility of my natural voice. I’ve gone into auditions and rehearsals knowing that my voice is READY and it feels so good! My voice is happy & healthy because Marianne’s technique allows me to ‘get out of my own way’ and let the voice sing freely as it was designed to – it is life-changing.”

Emily Colwell, mezzo-soprano.

I had the immense privilege of studying with Marianne Bindig for 4 years at Wilfrid Laurier University. With Marianne’s wealth of knowledge, I transitioned into mezzo-soprano repertoire and truly found my voice after having health difficulties the previous year. I have a strong foundation to sing any genre or style of music, and I find myself tapping into it every day. Marianne’s technique taught me to navigate through my passaggio, and to rid myself of tension so I could sing with ease. I learned to ground myself to maintain the warmth in my voice while letting it soar, allowing me to successfully tackle pieces that had previously intimidated me! I will be forever grateful for the time I spent under the tutelage of Marianne Bindig.“

Alexandra Fawcett-Rïis, Bachelor of Music in Performance and Opera Diploma, Wilfrid Laurier University.

“I’ve had many voice teachers throughout my years of study and I can say with confidence, Marianne is the best teacher there is! She knows the voice inside and out. Her expertise coupled with her passion and care for her students is what sets her apart. I enjoy every lesson and she always leaves me wanting more. I love that every session is an exploration of my voice and how my body needs to support my sound. I always leave the lesson having learned something new about my unique instrument. “

Rachael Curtis, Graduate of Laurier Univeristy, double major in Performance and Education.

“I’ve been studying singing since I was eight years old and while I’ve always been lucky to have wonderful teachers, no one has touched my heart and allowed me to feel at home in my voice more than Marianne Bindig. It is truly something special to have a mentor who not only gets you excited about learning, but who is also excited to learn FROM their students and the uniqueness every voice has to offer. Marianne gives her students a safe and comfortable space to learn and grow at our own pace while also challenging us to step outside the box and conquer our fears. Marianne’s dedication to her students and to the voice is unmatched. I truly believe Marianne has something very special to offer anyone who has the privilege of her tutelage.”

Autumn Wascher, Bachelor of Music Performance, Wilfrid Laurier University.

“Gertrude is great! Her knowledge of vocal anatomy helped my voice to become more resonant, which helped me to become a better and more confident singer. I can now perform at gigs with the comfort and confidence that I have the skills and knowledge to perform well. I would recommend her as a vocal coach to aspiring vocalists in a heartbeat. Thanks, Gert!” -David Bell, Singer, Insurance

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