My journey into teaching began in 2002 when I was asked to give my first Masterclass. I discovered a passion for helping people to find what they already know but may not yet have accessed. However, my greatest and most joyful journey in the world of singing and teaching was to begin in October of 2012 when I met my most important mentor in both subjects, Dr. Michael Warren.

When I attended my first master class with Dr. Warren, or Mike as we call him, I was dumbfounded. Everyone in that class sang better than I did, and some were teens and some were in their seventies! I didn’t understand what I was hearing, but I knew that it was the Truth I had been seeking my whole life. Then I got up and sang better than I had ever sung. I sang lower and higher than I had in years, and it felt easy. The journey began in earnest in January of 2014 and we have since completely retrained my voice. I have three octave scales. I can sing a jazz standard and then a Mahler song and then a big aria in succession and change styles authentically and on a dime. I no longer worry about my vocal health because my technique is good and strong. I can teach very long days with no vocal fatigue. My speaking voice is improved. My own beloved students are the next benefactors in this line of pedagogy, and several have accompanied me to New York City to do intensives with Mike. We also do them here in Toronto. If you are curious about this teaching which transformed my voice and made my singing dreams come true, please visit Mike’s website: www.michaelwarrenvoice.com. You’ll find me there.


  • Teaching voice and coaching repertoire since 2003, both privately and at various institutions
  • Performed as recitalist and soloist with leading symphony orchestras, ensembles and opera companies in Canada, Europe and the United States
  • Designed and implemented a course on the interpretation and presentation of poetry for young singers (aged 19 through 30) dealing with 65 texts in 3 weeks
  • Taught German Lied (third year) at University of Toronto, 2012
  • Developed modalities of evaluation
  • Written and published poetry: three song cycles based on my poetry, two by John Greer, one by Harry Freedman (PLANGERE Publications and CMC); three songs based on my text by Ben Beveridge for Sandrock Label, poem included in Abigail Richardson-Schuttle’s cycle This Land
  • Committed to lifelong learning and process-based, results-oriented instruction


Private Vocal Instructor, Ongoing

Private Vocal Instruction and Master Class Facilitation, Wilfrid Laurier University, 2006 – 2008; 2013 – 2021

German Lied Class: University of Toronto, 2012

Poetry Interpretation & Presentation: Opera Nuova – Edmonton, 2011 – ongoing

Vocal Instructor / Masterclass: Opera Nuova – Edmonton, 2006 – ongoing

Vocal Workshop: Hamilton Children’s Choir , 2010

Vocal Music Supply Teaching: Branksome Hall – Toronto, 2010 – 2013

Vocal Workshop:  Mississauga Children’s Choir , 2008, 2007

Drama Teacher:   Toronto District School Board, 2004

Masterclass: University of Western Ontario Faculty of Music, 2004

Music Teacher: University of Western Ontario Faculty of Music, 2003

Masterclass: Brock University Faculty of Music, 2002

Masterclass: Calgary Opera Association, 1999


Provided individual vocal instruction to university-level students, high school students and adults based on the following principles:

  • Technique: please visit my teacher’s site if you’d like to see how I work technique; video examples will help in the understanding
  • Posture: new understanding of the correct singing posture – please visit my teacher’s site or better yet, come study!
  • Breathing: it’s natural and correct when the vocal function is healthy and correct
  • Warm-up: how to relate it to repertoire and how to transfer skills
  • Body, Intellect and Spirit: how to integrate their knowledge into performance practice – you are the only one who can say it the way you say it


Provided individual vocal instruction to university-level students based on the following principles:

  • Diction: English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Czech, Latin – correct usage of IPA, and how to know when it is not enough (it’s never enough) through the careful study of existing translations and interpretations after working on our own; students discover the absolute necessity for a basic knowledge of the grammar of the languages they are presenting and gain a more immediate relationship with and understanding of text and thus composition
  • Interpretation: Specificity in all repertoire (how to paint pictures for your audience), Character analysis, Text (Poetry, Libretto) analysis
  • Stage Craft: body mechanics, basic understanding of the physical theatre and the actor’s approach to a script


  • Facilitated master-classes for advanced singing students through organizations and schools including Opera Nuova, The Calgary Opera Association, Brock University and the University of Western Ontario (repertory ranged from early English through to grand opera)
  • Delivered Grade 11/12 Acting Technique and university-level Technical Theatre curriculum
  • Planned and facilitated grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 vocal classes; developed and delivered a unit on Medieval and Renaissance Music History and Performance Practice
  • Planned, developed and evaluated culminating project for grades 11 and 12 vocal students; and assisted with extra-curricular rehearsals


Bachelor of Education, Vocal Music and Drama, Intermediate / Senior
Ontario Institute for Studies Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto

English as a Second Language (ESL) Certificate (155 hours)
The Canadian Co-Operative for Language and Cultural Studies, Inc.

Italian Studies
Scuola Dante Allighieri (Florence, Italy)

Diploma of Operatic Performance
University of Toronto

Bachelor of Music Performance Major: Vocal Performance
University of Toronto


Chalmers Foundation Grant
Toronto – role prep., U.S. and France

Opera Fellowship Scholarship
Banff Centre

Distinguished Graduate Award
University of Toronto

Tanglewood Center for Music

Ruby Mercer Opera Scholarship
University of Toronto


Dr. Michael Warren
Phyllis Curtin, Mary Morrison
Margot Garrett, Anthony Rolfe-Johnshon
Stuart Hamilton, Helen Simmie
Thomas Hampson, Don Tamawski
Warren Jones, Galina Vishnevskya
Martin Isepp, Sarah Walker
Patricia Kern

*Sat diction classes (French, Italian and German) with Nico Castel.


Summer Vocal Intensive With Dr. Michael Warren, Hunter College, New York City; 2014

Summer Vocal Intensive With Dr. Michael Warren, Hunter College, New York City; 2014 -2020
Guest Speaker, Participant,  Artist

Mask Making: How to in High School
Teodoro Dragonieri
Tarragon Theatre

Pélagie: An Acadian Odyssey
Jonothan Neelands

An Opera for the Twentieth Century
Christopher Butterfield and John Bentley-Mayes
Banff Centre

Study of Russian Song
Galina Vishnevskaya
The Britten-Pears School, Aldeburgh, England

Study of theMusic of J.S. Bach & G.F. Handel
Sarah Walker
The Britten-Pears School, Aldeburgh, England

Intensive Vocal Study and Workshops (Fellow)
Tanglewood Center for Music (2 sessions)

Academy of Singing
Martin Isepp
Banff Centre (2 sessions)

Music of the French, Italian and English Renaissance
Intensive work and performing with lutenist John Edwards of The Musicians In Ordinary


Canadian Actors Equity Association
Alliance of Canadian Television and Radio Actors
Ontario College of Teachers


Available upon request

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