All Good Things Are Wild and Free. ~ Henry David Thoreau
(Oil on canvas by Barry Weiss)
Through Discipline, Freedom. ~ Marianne Bindig
If you seek understanding, you must allow your intellect to be large enough to embrace the contradictions of the universe. ~ Walt Whitman
Alexandra Fawcett-Riis, Autumn Wascher, Marianne Bindig, Dr. Michael Warren, Ayana Platt, Mike Fan - Hunter College, NYC
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Mezzo soprano Marianne Bindig has performed across Canada and in the U.S. and Britain in repertoire ranging from Caino in Monteverdi’s Il Primo Omicidio to Varvara in Janáček’s Katya Kabanova, from Bach’s Johannes Passion to Britten’s Phaedra



My journey into teaching began in 2002 when I was asked to give my first Masterclass. I discovered a passion for helping people to find what they already know but may not yet have accessed.



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